Pregnancy Yoga Testimonials

‘‘I absolutely loved these classes and couldn't recommend them enough. They really helped me to bond with the baby & take time out from a complicated pregnancy to just appreciate the wonderful thing my body was doing.
Even though I ended up having an elective c-section, I was still able to utilise what I had learnt in class to remain class, adjust my thinking and overall have a very positive birth experience ‘‘–
Emily Glanville

‘‘I started with pregnancy yoga after I was 30 weeks and loved it!! Really helped to connect with my bump and taught me to relax and enjoy pregnancy. I now do Baby yoga which is even better as not only get to do exercise, but I get to spend time quality time with my baby!! Me and my baby Love Wednesday mornings!!’’ ♡ Lottie Scarborough

 ‘‘I LOVED the yoga classes with Katy on Friday evenings. I continued to use what I learnt from the Yoga class on top of my other exercise throughout the week to help with strengthening, posture and flexibility... particularly helpful as you get that bigger bump! I’m adamant that this all played a huge part in me having a really active, strong & pain free pregnancy & enabled me to continue to exercise right up to & beyond my due date. The beautiful relaxations at the end of each session were the perfect end to the week too & a wonderful little time out to bond with baby!
Katy is welcoming, supportive & clearly an expert, I highly recommend this to any pregnant ladies, to enable you to stay strong & active throughout your pregnancy. Thanks so much for all your guidance & expertise, Katy ... I’m already missing the Friday evenings but I look forward to bringing baby Callie along to mummy & baby yoga
‘‘– Gemma Puffer

‘‘I attended pregnancy yoga on the lead up to the birth of my baby, and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Not only were they enjoyable & relaxing they were also very informative and promoted a very positive outlook on birth. Katy is a wonderful teacher, so friendly, positive & very knowledgeable. I’m pleased to say that using the techniques learnt at the classes along with other hypnobirthing Information I had a positive and natural first birth using a birthing pool & gas and air. I can’t recommend the sessions highly enough and look forward to attending mum & baby sessions now! Huge thank you to Katy’’ - . Kirsten xx