Hypnobirthing Testimonials

Birthing Mums…

‘‘ I absolutely loved Katy, she empowered me to birth my baby how I wanted to and she gave me the knowledge for me to make my own decisions about birth. All of these tools enabled me a level of control I would never have had before the course. Total invaluable! Emma Adams’’

‘‘ Before hypnobirthing the thought of birth was terrifying. I just thought I’d somehow deal with it whenever the time came but had no idea how. I went from wanting a hospital birth with all the pain relief I could get to an all natural home birth - barely half way through the course. My association with birth completely changed and I was excited and looking forward to it rather than having no idea how I was going to overcome my fear and the pain. Katy is amazing, one of the kindest and most passionate of people you will meet. She makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. It was so educating compared to any other antenatal course, I felt like I had learnt everything I needed to know and much more in just 2 days compared to the whole rest of the 9 months being pregnant. I would recommend hypnobirthing with Katy to every single pregnant mum and partner. Thank you so much Katy.’’ – Sarah McLucas

‘‘ Attending the Body to Baby Hypnobirthing course with Katy was genuinely the best thing we did for ourselves and our daughter.

It made us feel calm but excited for the labour experience and gave us both the confidence to have a home birth (which we decided at 37 weeks - its never too late!)

I could not recommend the course highly enough and Katy is amazing...offering us support in every step of our journey through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood!
Thank you again Katy - we couldn’t have done it without you! ‘‘–
Katie Armitage

 ‘‘From the moment we met Katy we felt welcomed and supported. A really informative and enjoyable class that covered all aspect of hypnobirthing and birth in general and set your mind at ease. I would highly recommend this to anyone expecting a child whether it's your first or not - this course will prepare you to have the best most empowering experience even when it may not go to exactly to plan... it will give you the confidence to make the right choices and ask the right questions armed with all the information you could possibly need in any scenario. Thanks for a fantastic weekend!!’’
Becca & Chris

Birth Partners…

‘‘Just completed a Hypnobirthing course with my wife and wow...where do I start?! Katy is absolutely awesome! As a protecting father to be, I was worried about everything. All the way to the finest detail. Katy managed to alleviate those worries and install a more positive and confident mindset. Her ability to listen to the groups concerns and deal with them individually was amazing! She was constantly enthusiastic and always smiling which made the course all that more enjoyable. Not only that, the group of parents to be we were with were brilliant! Highly recommend!...even for the most sceptical of you! Thank you Katy! ‘‘
Arran Rooke

My wife and I have just completed a course with Katy and I must say what a completely inspirational person she is. She made us feel completely at ease throughout the sessions and is able to relate aspects of the course to real experiences. This made made it entirely relevant for us. Katy enabled us to understand the birthing process thoroughly and she has helped us to see the potential anxieties through optimistic eyes. My wife now feels much more confident about the birth and I am excited and confident to be able to support her through the whole process positively. I would highly recommend seeing Katy for any of your concerns and anxieties about birthing, nothing is too much trouble and she will support you to find a resolution to any concerns you may have. We have very much enjoyed meeting Katy. Thank you once again – Genna Freeman Dennis’’

‘‘Words cannot express how much body to baby and Katy helped with the birth of our daughter. In June 2018 we attended the weekend KG Hypnobirthing with Katy. This showed ways of relaxation to help with contractions and working through labour.

Following the course we made our birth proposal to imagine how the big day would pan out. The reality unfortunately didn’t follow this but we knew this could always be the case and we were confident to ask questions when we didn’t understand when it came to deciding an induction was the way forward.

The midwife that was looking after us was very accommodating with our hypnobirthing techniques, because of induction we required continuous monitoring but she was able to secure use of a wireless monitor so we could move round the room at will.

My partner Stacey used the techniques to have an amazing labour. With minimal pain relief she was able to birth our baby naturally in only a couple of hours. The things learnt at the course helped me to be supportive during contractions, knowing the visualisation’s to help with the breathing and relaxing between each surge. I have and will continue to recommend the course to anyone I know who is trying or expecting a baby. ‘‘– Ian Penny

‘‘I can definitely let all you reluctant/sceptical "dad's to be" that this isn't hippy mumbo jumbo. Katy is a very professional caring and supportive expert in this field.
Her help was amazing, her depth of knowledge and advise was second to none, not only the hypnobirthing care that she so eloquently shares but in her knowledge of hospital practice and procedures.
We were given loads of scripts and recordings to aid us and they helped reinforce all the work Katy did, we had one to one sessions at our home and they reassured myself and my wife no end. We used the learned techniques in theatre and it made all the difference, I cannot thank Katy enough for her words of wisdom, general great advice and for sharing her amazing humanity with us. Dad's try this out it really works.’’ –
Tim Brackenburry Peace