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Pre-natal (Pregnancy) Yoga.

Yoga is such a powerful practice which is why it just had to become an integral part of Body to Baby. Having experienced what a difference the practice of yoga can have on the mind and body, I trained  to become a qualified pre-natal and post-natal yoga teacher. 

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga during pregnancy, not just physically but mentally too. Yoga is all about connecting the mind and body - perfect! This is exactly what you need to do to have a relaxed, confident pregnancy and birth!

All of my yoga classes are held at The Yoga Loft in Burbage. It's a beautiful space in which to practice and we are lucky to have such a great bunch of expectant mums. So come along and join us, meet some other mums-to-be and invest some time in taking care of you and your bump.


Pregnancy Yoga Benefits:

Strengthen Muscles

Strengthen Pelvic Floor

Improve Sleep

Reduce Stress

Relax & Restore

Connect with Baby

Meet Like-Minded Expectant Mums


"I absolutely love pregnancy yoga with Katy and ever since I started, I always look forward to a fun, happy and relaxing end to the week! The breathing exercises have been a great help in normal day to day life stresses, but more importantly has enabled me to practise before the real thing. I have met some lovely mums and mums-to-be to share the journey with and Katy has made me fall in love with yoga overall! I will miss the sessions soon, but positively look forward to continuing as a yogi in Katy's other classes. :-) Thank you Katy xx

/  Sharan  /


Mother & Baby Yoga.

Wow! Well done you. You have done an incredible job of growing and giving birth to your beautiful baby and now it's time to recover and gently begin to re-set your body. I am a qualified postnatal yoga teacher and so my Mother and Baby yoga classes have been designed with new mums in mind and are focused on empowering and nurturing you, not depleting your precious energy stores!

Mother and Baby yoga works your body from the inside out, gently and respectfully. My classes are there to give your body a safe and guiding hand to naturally return to its pre-pregnancy form, specifically stretching the body to provide relief from tired, stiff muscles and working on building abdominal strength and supporting tummy separation as well as a big focus on strengthening the pelvic floor. 

It's not just our bodies that need time out to recover but our minds too. Sleep deprivation and hormonal fluctuations can leave us feeling in a spin and exhausted but my mother and baby yoga classes give you that time out of the everyday demands to spend focussed time just on you and your baby. The classes will help to support you both mentally and physically as you go about your new busy Mummy lives.

I love meeting new Mums and their beautiful babies - and hey, don't worry about your baby crying, nappy changes or feeding, its all part of the class! We're in this together so come along, meet other new Mums and do something positive for you and your baby.


Mother & Baby Yoga Benefits:

Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

Strengthen Pelvic Floor

Tighten loose joints & Ligaments

Reduce Stress & Tension

Connect with Baby

Meet New Mums

Friendly & Welcoming


"We loved Katy’s mother and baby yoga class. Katy is really welcoming and friendly. We enjoyed all of the classes, they were varied and had a good postnatal focus - as well as entertaining the babies! I just wish Heidi didn’t start crawling so soon so we could have carried on for longer! I’d definitely recommend this class to any new mums. Thank you - we’ll really miss coming! X

/  Sian  /