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Body to Baby Testimonials


Testimonials from some of my amazing Hypnobirthing Couples!

I really liked the course. Everyone at work said it was a ‘Hippy’ way of antenatal. I am now able to go back and say it is about mindset and positivity and feeling relaxed……not ‘hippy’ ”


 “I really liked best gaining the understanding of the physiological aspects of birth and getting the reinforcement of my responsibilities during the birth”


“Thank you for being amazing & understanding and making us feel that you care about the journey we are on – your ace!”


 “The most important thing I learnt was my role as a father during the birth and that I do have a voice!”


“We have both really enjoyed the course and practicing the relaxations. It far exceeded any expectations and we will be sure to continue the practice until and beyond the birth. Thank you.


“I loved the personal course experience from Katy – giving an honest account and being at ease to discuss all options, open to all questions…..there were a lot! I definitely would recommend Katy and the course, it was really beneficial”


“My partner booked onto the course and I was a little sceptical at first but have been really pleased by how much I’ve learnt and feel much more relaxed about our soon to be born baby”


“The most important things I learnt from Katy’s course was finding a new confidence in myself through relaxation and the way my body works to birth baby.  Katy was so very helpful, positive and knowledgeable”


 “The most important things I learnt was the amount of control I have during the labour is more than I thought. The mind is so much more powerful than I thought. I can’t believe how successful your relaxation exercises are. Your amazing!”

I’m totally going to recommend this course to our friends when they start trying for a baby!”


“The most important things I learnt from Katy’s course were empowerment, control, relaxation and the hormonal effects in labour and I know practicing all my techniques will be essential to supporting my birth”


 “I really enjoyed the course, I learnt a lot! I’m more confident and resilient in my approach to support at the birth”


“What I liked best about the course was gaining power and knowledge to birth my baby the way it should happen and my biggest learns where how to stay calm and learning to believe in myself. I would highly recommend this course, its very empowering!” Emma Adams

“The most important thing I learnt is that this is MY birth!”


“Katy made us feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the course and made the whole learning experience enjoyable” Marc Evans

“The best bits about the course for me was understanding the fathers role and how I can support during the birthing process, what our rights are, along with choices”


“I liked best the mix of relaxation techniques and covered the medical facts in an easy to digest way. Also the fact that I have a lot more choices than I realised and that birthing is natural!”


Testimonials from my lovely pregnancy yoga Mums-to be!

''I have been going to pregnancy yoga classes with Katy since I have been about 20 weeks pregnant and just attended my last one tonight (baby was due Tuesday). Having never done any yoga before I have loved it and found it suitable at all stages of my pregnancy. Katy is so friendly and welcoming and makes the classes so enjoyable. I have found the hypnobirthing session at the end of the class so relaxing and this has helped me stay really calm and relaxed through my pregnancy and made me feel more confident about the labour. Would recommend to anyone, Thanks again Katy and look forward to seeing you for mother and baby yoga''


''I absolutely love pregnancy yoga with Katy and ever since I started, I always look forward to a fun, happy and relaxing end to the week! The breathing exercises have been a great help in normal day to day life stresses, but more importantly has enabled me to practise before the real thing. I have met some lovely mums and mums-to-be to share the journey with and Katy has made me fall in love with yoga overall! I will miss the sessions soon, but positively look forward to continuing as a yogi in Katy's other classes. :-) Thank you Katy''


''I have done the Yoga course as well as Relaxation sessions & would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an opportunity to really relax & bond with your baby. Whilst at the same time learning techniques for your birth & really great advice & support from Katy. I’m actually a little bit gutted I can’t attend this class any longer but looking forward to Mummy & baby Yoga.''


''I've been to pregnancy yoga for many weeks now and it is my one 'non-negotiable' of the week - I don't like to miss it for anything! A fab mixture of exercise, great info from Katy, lovely company & chat with others!
I'm sad (but hoping) I only have a couple of weeks left.''



Testimonials From Some of My Brilliant Mother and Baby Yoga Mums! 

''I attended the postnatal mum and baby yoga classes with Katy and it was such a great way to do something for myself whilst also having a bonding activity with my baby. The classes are very relaxed which as a yoga novice was really reassuring and if you need to stop to feed/ change/ comfort or whatever then you just do it without any worry... I even managed to breastfeed whilst still doing a bit! Katy is extremely friendly and makes you feel totally at ease. I can thoroughly recommend the classes.”


''We loved Katy’s mother and baby yoga class. Katy is really welcoming and friendly. We enjoyed all of the classes, they were varied and had a good postnatal focus - as well as entertaining the babies! I just wish Heidi didn’t start crawling so soon so we could have carried on for longer! I’d definitely recommend this class to any new mums. Thank you - we’ll really miss coming! X''


''Lovely way to bond with my baby in the classes definitely recommend xx''