Mother & Baby Yoga

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Wow! Well done you. You have done an incredible job of growing and giving birth to your beautiful baby and now it's time to recover and gently begin to re-set your body. I am a qualified postnatal yoga teacher and so my Mother and Baby yoga classes have been designed with new mums in mind and are focused on empowering and nurturing you, not depleting your precious energy stores!


Mother and Baby yoga works your body from the inside out, gently and respectfully. My classes are there to give your body a safe and guiding hand to naturally return to its pre-pregnancy form, specifically stretching the body to provide relief from tired, stiff muscles and working on building abdominal strength and supporting tummy separation (all new comers with have their tummy muscles checked to understand where I can best guide and support building back your strength) as well as a big focus on strengthening the pelvic floor. 

Each week we focus on different areas:

·       Core strength

·       Pelvic floor

·       Flexibility & Posture

Its not just about building back your strength and stability in just your core or just your pelvic floor, we work on all the surrounding and interconnecting muscles to really build that strong foundation. To me, fitness after having a baby isn’t about jumping straight back into fitness like we may have done in the past (as this can make things like your tummy separation worse!) its about gently easing your body back and building strength back into that amazing body of ours safely and respectfully.

It's not just our bodies that need time out to recover but our minds too. Sleep deprivation and hormonal fluctuations can leave us feeling in a spin and exhausted but my mother and baby yoga classes give you that time out of the everyday demands to spend focussed time just on you and your baby. The classes will help to support you both mentally and physically as you go about your new busy Mummy lives.

You can start with us from 6 weeks post birth and if you have had a caesarean birth or 3rd/4th degree tearing I suggest starting from 10 weeks.

I love meeting new Mums and their beautiful babies - and hey, don't worry about your baby crying, nappy changes, feeding or if they just need a cuddle, its all part of the class! (and I often get them practising in a few moves with us too)

We're in this together so come along, meet other new Mums and do something positive for you and your baby.

When & Where…

The Yoga Loft, in Burbage. We have 2 classes to choose from at the Yoga Loft:
Mondays 1-2pm
Wednesday’s 11-12pm

The Peace Dance Studios, in Nuneaton (starting on the 9th September, this class on this date only its free! use discount code NEWCLASS100% at checkout)
Monday’s 10-11am

Both classes are held in beautiful calming environments and support you building back your strength and meeting other mummies and babies.




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Mother & Baby Yoga

Mondays 13:00 - 14:00
Wednesdays 11:00 - 12:00
@ Yoga Loft, Burbage

Mondays 10:00-11:00
@ Peace Dance Studios, Nuneaton


Check out our post-natal yoga videos over on the Body to Baby YouTube channel

A gentle postnatal yoga sequence with Katy from Body to Baby