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What it means to us…

We don’t wear rose tinted glasses, we know what the power of birth feels like, it was the most powerful thing our bodies have ever experienced but, hand on heart, it was also the most amazing experience of our lives and we want more women to feel the same as us. Totally empowered and to LOVE the birth of your baby!!! Birth doesn’t have to be feared, birth should be embraced for the true miracle that it is.


Meet Body to Baby’s Hypnobirthing Professionals


KAty Cooper

Katy is the founder of Body to Baby, a KG hypnobirthing teacher and an NLP practitioner and her passion flows in buckets to support as many couples as possible have positive birth experiences,
just like her 2 births. “Birth was the most powerful thing my body has ever been through, but man,
its was totally amazing to feel in control and calm as I delivered my babies it my world…it’s just
magical! It’s time to move away for fearing birth, to totally embracing the gift we have to bring life
into this world”


Catherine Leach

Catherine experienced for herself the benefits of a Body to Baby hypnobirthing course as she
and her husband were led through the course with Katy in preparation for the birth of their beautiful daughter. Catherine’s passion for Hypnobirthing runs deep and she retrained as a KG hypnobirthing teacher to work alongside Katy in delivering the best birth preparation courses around!
“I knew that my birthing journey would have been so different if I had not done the course, I wanted
to spread the word and enable other couples to have births that they would love.”