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Hypnobirthing - a positive preparation for birth.

Hypnobirthing - a positive preparation for birth.

What is Hypnobirthing About?

Our goal is to work with you and your birth partner to have a gentle, safe and positive birth for you and your baby, an experience you will treasure forever.

Body to Baby teaches KG Hypnobirthing. The course is all about helping you understand the logic about birth, and teaching you how to stay relaxed, calm and focused at all times throughout your pregnancy and on the day of your baby’s birth.

Your learnings from all the information we teach will support you and your birth partner to have an empowering birth and this course uniquely gives you the knowledge to understand your options and the implications of the choices you can make, and so supporting your birthing journey and empowering you to make good decisions for you and your baby. After all this is YOUR BIRTH…. Right?!


Benefits of Hypnobirthing


May reduce length of labour
Reduction in reported pain experienced
Less or no medication required
Less medical intervention required
Less physical risk of tearing, pelvic floor damage or episiotomy
Reduced fear and anxiety
Feel calm, relaxed and in control
Feel confident and informed
Feel confident to talk to medical staff
Birth partners feel confident and part of the birth
Many say their babies are much calmer after birth


Love Your Birth!

How have we managed to turn the most natural thing in the world into something that arouses our anxieties and fears?
This course will support you in letting go of any birth related fears and it will teach you how to remain calm, relaxed and
in control by using all the tools and techniques that you learn on the course.

Hypnobirthing isn’t just about learning tools and techniques for birth though, it’s also a positive antenatal course! It’s about learning all the factual information about labour and birth which will boost your confidence, support you building trust within yourself, helping you make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth, ensuring you can look back on your birth as a positive and empowering experience.

Our favourite part of teaching hypnobirthing is the moment when we see those fears and anxieties melt away and a renewed positive mindset takes its place.

It’s not just the birthing mummy we focus on, we also spend time focusing on the birth partners. Birth partners play a vital role within the birth of your baby and having them fully prepared, confident, calm and in control makes a huge difference to your birthing environment and how connected and comfortable you feel together as a strong birthing team. This supports giving your baby a beautiful, gentle start, helping them be born into a calm and relaxed environment, a wonderful way to bring your baby into your world.

Everything we teach you and your birth partner supports as natural a birth as possible. But if that plan A turns to plan B or even C on the day, you will have the tools and the positive mindset so that, as a strong birthing team, you can tackle anything calmly, positively and confidently knowing it’s the right path to take and its right for you and your baby.

Hypnobirthing really is for everyone! Whether you’re a 1st time mum or 2nd, 3rd, 4th……. If you’re classed as low risk or high risk, if you’re striving for as natural birth as possible, or know you need an induction or a caesarean birth, if you’re birthing at home, a birth centre, labour ward or a theatre…………however you birth, you can hypnobirth.
For us, every birthing mummy to be and birth partner to be should feel proud and empowered by their birth no matter how your birth decides to be on the day.

Be prepared, be empowered, make a positive difference and LOVE YOUR BIRTH!

Our favourite part of teaching hypnobirthing is the moment when we see those fears and anxieties melt away and a renewed positive mindset take its place.

Our favourite part of teaching hypnobirthing is the moment when we see those fears and anxieties melt away and a renewed positive mindset take its place.


The 5 C’s of KG Hypnobirthing

These 5 c’s are threaded through all our teaching, it’s what we live and breathe. We know these have a huge positive impact on how you focus on your beautiful birth.

Confidence – When you have the knowledge and feel informed, you feel confident, and so you feel more confident within yourself, and your ability to birth your baby.

Calm –
When you feel confident you start to feel calmer, this supports your mind and body working together in harmony, building trust and inner calm, for a more positive birthing experience.

Control –
When you feel confident and calm, you feel more in control. This enables you to take control of how you give birth and how you positively focus on your birth.

Choice –
When you feel confident, calm and in control, you feel confident in making the right choices for you and your baby.

Comfortable – the result from feeling confident, calm, in control and knowing you have a choice, results in your body working more efficiently and your mind being more positively focused. Therefore, you have a more comfortable birthing experience.

Doing a KG Hypnobirthing antenatal course with Body to Baby can be the most wonderful and empowering experience of your life.

The 5 C’s of KG Hypnobirthing

The 5 C’s of KG Hypnobirthing


Our Team



What it means to us…

We don’t wear rose tinted glasses, we know what the power of birth feels like, it was the most powerful thing our bodies have ever experienced but, hand on heart, it was also the most amazing experience of our lives and we want more women to feel the same as us. Totally empowered and to LOVE the birth of your baby!!! Birth doesn’t have to be feared, birth should be embraced for the true miracle that it is.


Meet Body to Baby’s Hypnobirthing Professionals


KAty Cooper

Katy is the founder of Body to Baby, a KG hypnobirthing teacher and an NLP practitioner and her passion flows in buckets to support as many couples as possible have positive birth experiences,
just like her 2 births. “Birth was the most powerful thing my body has ever been through, but man,
its was totally amazing to feel in control and calm as I delivered my babies it my world…it’s just
magical! It’s time to move away for fearing birth, to totally embracing the gift we have to bring life
into this world”


Catherine Leach

Catherine experienced for herself the benefits of a Body to Baby hypnobirthing course as she
and her husband were led through the course with Katy in preparation for the birth of their beautiful daughter. Catherine’s passion for Hypnobirthing runs deep and she retrained as a KG hypnobirthing teacher to work alongside Katy in delivering the best birth preparation courses around!
“I knew that my birthing journey would have been so different if I had not done the course, I wanted
to spread the word and enable other couples to have births that they would love.”

Hypnobirthing Course Details


Choosing the right hypnobirthing antenatal course for you is important. We all have different motivations and individual needs which is why Body to Baby has tailored its courses to provide a variety of ways in which to prepare for a confident and calm birth and have courses to suit everyone.

Group Hypnobirthing Courses

Group Hypnobirthing courses are run by Catherine at Ted’s Homestead in Earl Shilton and by Katy at the Den or the The Yoga Loft, both in Burbage.

We keep our group sizes small (a maximum of 6 couples) enabling us to focus on each couple and their needs for the course. You will be surrounded by like minded people wanting a positive birthing experience and so creating a strong support network of friends during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The course is just £225 per couple. To book you need to pay a £50 non refundable deposit and the remaining balance 2 weeks before the course starts (payment plans can be set up if required)
For this you get 10 hours of teaching time, a free KG hypnobirthing book and the colour and calmness relaxation MP3s from KGH, parents training manual, discounts for Body to Baby’s yoga classes, the weekend courses include food and drink, support with writing your birth plan, plus our ongoing unconditional support and guidance.

Private Hypnobirthing Courses

Private courses are completely bespoke to you and your birth partner to support the best birth for you. The classes will be done in the comfort of your own home.

Private Hypnobirthing courses are limited and are only available Monday evenings 7:00-9:30pm or during the day 9:30am-12:00pm 0r 9:30am - 3:30pm on a Tuesday. The private courses is just £375.00 and for this you get 10 hours of teaching time, a course bespoke to you, a free KG hypnobirthing book and the colour and calmness relaxation MP3s from KGH, parents training manual, discounts for Body to Baby’s yoga classes, the weekend courses include food and drink, support with writing your birth plan, plus our ongoing unconditional support and guidance.

Please get in touch to enquire about private Hypnobirthing courses and discuss your individual requirements.

Please note: A £5 petrol charge is applicable for each journey outside of a 10 mile radius of Burbage.

Caesarean Hypnobirthing Course

This course will be bespoke to your needs and done in the comfort of your own home. The course will cover all the information you need to know to have an enjoyable and calm birth experience. The course also includes relaxations specifically created for caesarean births and my continued support up until your birth.

The caesarean hypnobirthing course is £185 and for this you get 5.5 hours of teaching time, the KG hypnobirthing book and the KG caesarean birth relaxation MP3’s and discounts for Body to Baby’s yoga classes.

Please get in touch to enquire about your caesarean Hypnobirthing course and availability.

Refresher Course

have you previously done a hypnobirthing course with us?
Are you pregnant again?

Well, if you would like a refresher on our amazing hypnobirthing course you can get £75 OFF!!!!
Just contact us for your special discount!

Course Content (for group, private & refresher Hypnobirthing courses)

Session 1

We start this session by getting to know you, we talk about your pregnancy, previous birth experience (if any) your hopes/fears and expectations for your forth coming labour and birth. You will discover Hypnotherapy as a profound and powerful tool to support your mindset towards a more positive and healthy way of viewing birth. We learn about what Hypnobirthing is really all about and all the amazing benefits it brings. You will learn how your birthing body works (its so amazing!) and you will learn how to then work with your birthing body and how you can positively effect the way your body flows during the birth of your baby.

Session 2

In this session we teach you and your birth partner invaluable techniques and show you how you can keep your body and mind calm during birth.  You will learn so many amazing practical tools and techniques that will help you stay calm, focused and in control. We also look at how we can support your pregnant body in preparation for birth, not just emotionally, but physically too. Understanding this has a huge impact on how your labour and birth unfolds on the day.

Session 3

Here we look at all the birthing information you will need to know to practically support your labour and birth. We look at the medical side of birth, understanding what medical intervention is, when medical intervention is appropriate and all the risks and benefits if we need them during our birth. All the amazing information you learn will make you more knowledgeable and this enables you to see just how much choice and control you really have. You will also feel prepared in making important decisions that are safe and right for you and your baby. You will learn about the different stages of labour stages of labour and the physiological changes that happen, understanding how you can cope with every stage of labour, down to every surge/contraction you have.

Session 4

This section focuses on the birth partners role. Birth partners learn all they need to know to support you on the day of your baby’s birth, we look at the process of birth all the way to when your baby is born. We do an exercise to look at different case scenarios and what techniques you could use and when, so you will feel completely prepared for any deviations your birth journey may take. We look at how you and your birth partner can start preparing before the birth, then what you can do during the birth, supporting each individual couple feel totally prepared, confident and in control! Then at the end we work on your birth plan, our focus is to look at everything you have learnt and create the ultimate birth plan bespoke you your individual needs.

As you can see our course is packed with amazing information (this is just an overview of what we cover, as there’s to much to list otherwise!) by the end of the course your mindset will completely changed regarding how positive and empowering labour and birth can really be and excited to met your baby for the first time. You will be brimming with confidence and feel reassured that you and your birth partner have the tools to cope with labour and birth in the best possible way for you.

Even though the course has finished, me and Catherine will still be there to support you when ever you need us.


A weekend course will have session 1 & 2 on the Saturday and session 3 & 4 on the Sunday. Evening courses will have each of the sessions on each of the 4 evenings.


Upcoming Hypnobirthing Courses & Venues