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 I Help Couples Create A More Calm, Positive & Confident
Mindset For Birth With My Hypnobirthingantenatal Courses



What is it all about?


Benefits of Hypnobirthing

May reduce length of labour

Reduction in reported pain experienced

Less or no medication required

Less medical intervention required

Less physical risk of tearing, pelvic floor damage or episiotomy

Reduced fear and anxiety

Feel calm, relaxed and in control

Feel confident and informed

Feel confident to talk to medical staff

So... what do our hypnobirthing Mums and Dads think?

Let's dispel a few myths!

I'm sure if you've mentioned hypnobirthing to family, friends or even your partner there may have been a few frowns or even a look of 'have you gone mad?' 'Are you getting hypnotised?' 'Isn't that for hippies?' etc etc.

Well I'm not a hippie and I haven't worked with any so far! Hypnobirthing is for everyone (including your partner).

So far as 'hypnosis' goes, the word in itself suggests to many that it is a state of consciousness out of your control. In fact the 'hypno' part of hypnobirthing is the complete opposite. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques are there to put you directly in control, to let you experience birthing your baby in a relaxed, calm and natural state, allowing baby and body to work together. 

My hypnobirthing programmes are however much more than just deep relaxation and breathing techniques. They are about helping you understand the logic about birth, as well as supporting you and your birthing partner to have an empowering birth and know you have choices and a voice. After all this is YOUR BIRTH…. Right?!

Hypnobirthing helps you to understand the logic of birth and your choices..

Hypnobirthing helps you to understand the logic of birth and your choices..

A positive birthing experience creates better bonding, easier breast feeding and reduced post-natal depression.

A positive birthing experience creates better bonding, easier breast feeding and reduced post-natal depression.


Why I believe in hypnobirthing 

How have we managed to turn the most natural thing in the world into something that arouses our anxieties and fears?

Worries about what to expect lead us to endlessly search the internet for clues, binge watch birthing programmes and listen to countless horror stories from friends and family - no wonder birth has become so fearful! All of this leads to a never ending negative cycle of thoughts and fuels anxiety.

My favourite part of teaching hypnobirthing is the moment when I see those fears and anxieties melt away and a renewed positive mindset take its place. 

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal eductation programme that provides you with the correct information on how your body births your baby. It educates you about all of the different paths birth can take, allowing you to be in control, whatever your journey may be.

Where the mind leads the body follows and having a positive pregnancy and birthing experience can help in so many ways, both physically and mentally. 

It doesn't end there... the benefits carry forward into your new life as parents.  A positive birthing experience has been proven to create better bonding, easier breast feeding and reduced post-natal depression.

Calm Mum, Confident Dad

Your partner plays such an important role and it's not unusual for them to be a little sceptical about hypnobirthing at first, after all their instinct is to want to protect you - an instinct that is completely natural. So, go get them and let them read on!

Hello Dads -to- be! So, you are having a baby -  both exciting and terrifying at the same time right?

The changes in your partner during pregnancy are one thing but what happens at the birth? Where do you fit in? How can you help? What should you expect?

The hypnobirthing Dads I have worked with (yes some sceptics) have found that not only has hypnobirthing helped them to know how to support their partner through birth but that the process itself allows them to spend intimate time with them, bringing them closer.

 Dads-to-be are also looking for ways to connect with their unborn child, as well as providing the practical support.

The educational side of the hypnobirthing course makes them feel informed and empowered; to know what to do when the time comes and be the voice of their partner during birth. All of which is so important as it allows her to stay calm, relaxed and concentrate on the task in hand.

It is and should be a magical time to prepare positively together for your journey into parenthood.

"Just completed a Hypnobirthing course with my wife and wow...where do I start?! Katy is absolutely awesome! As a protecting father to be, I was worried about everything. All the way to the finest detail. Katy managed to alleviate those worries and install a more positive and confident mindset. Her ability to listen to the groups concerns and deal with them individually was amazing! She was constantly enthusiastic and always smiling which made the course all that more enjoyable. Not only that, the group of parents to be we were with were brilliant! Highly recommend!...even for the most sceptical of you! Thank you Katy!"  -  Arran

Hypnobirthing allows you to prepare positively together for parenthood.

Hypnobirthing allows you to prepare positively together for parenthood.

Believe the hype!

Midwives predict that hypnobirthing will become standard practice within a decade.

The scientific research continues to support the claims that hypnobirthing techniques can result in a much better birth experience for Mum, Dad and baby.

Science and research are great but just read some of the testimonials of my hypnobirthing Mums and Dads - there is no better advocate!

None of us know what lies ahead and hypnobirthing certainly doesn't guarantee a straight forward birth but what it does do is prepare you for whatever your birthing journey will be and puts you in control.

Hypnobirthing Course Content

Logic of KG Hypnobirthing & Techniques:

Topics covered

Introduction to Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing

The Mind


Muscles of the Uterus

Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System

Breathing Techniques

Birthing Affirmations


Baby's Position for Birth

Pelvic floor Exercise

Birthing Pools

Preventing Tearing

Birthing Hormones

Your Positions for Birth

Connecting Together

Birthing Information & The Birth:

Topics Covered

Due Dates

Membrane Sweep

Induction of Labour

Assisted Delivery


Natural Induction

Midwives & Obstetrician

Birth Partners Questions

Where to Birth my Baby & Transfers

Birth Partners Role

Onset of Labour

Stages of Labour 

The ‘Golden hour’

Birth Proposals 



"Katy at Body to Baby is a inspirational positive woman who helped me immensely through my first pregnancy and labour. I wish I had found Body to Baby sooner and completed my whole antenatal support with her. I highly recommend anyone to get in touch if only to find out more about hypnobirthing and how it could help you xx

/  CHarlotte  /


Hypnobirthing Resources

useful links and further information on hypnobirthing:

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