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Hi I'm Katy

Congratulations and welcome to Body to Baby. From Hypnobirthing courses to Pregnancy and Mother and Baby Yoga, you'll find all the support you need to prepare for a positive birth and welcoming your new baby to the world.

You've got this

Find out how my hypnobirthing courses can help you to have a positive birth. Forget fear and learn how to bring your baby into the world with calm confidence. 

In this together

The role of your partner is such an important one and hypnobirthing allows you to prepare positively together to make one un-stoppable team!

Powerful positivity

It is such a huge privilege to be part of your journey; to bring to you a different approach to pregnancy and childbirth. By empowering you with knowledge, information and techniques, you can truly learn to trust your choices, your body and your baby.

Touch your toes

My pre and post natal yoga classes work in perfect harmony with hypnobirthing and beyond, where you can continue your journey with Mother & Baby Yoga classes.