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Mummy Wellness Workshop

  • The Yoga Loft Britannia Buildings, Coventry Road, Burbage LE10 2HL England (map)


We are very excited to be holding our Mummy Wellness Workshop on Saturday 27th July, 1-4:30pm at The Yoga Loft in Burbage and it’s just £47 per person.

A workshop that every Mummy would love to attend!

This exciting workshop is suitable for anyone who has had a baby (no matter how long ago!) and wants to learn more about how to recover their pelvic floor and build back strength in their core muscles in the best and safest way. We will also be giving you nutritional advice and getting you deeply relaxed with an amazing meditation session.

Guiding you through the workshop are your specialists, Katy Cooper and Gemma Richardson who specialise in Mummy Wellness through their own personal businesses. 

Katy is the founder of Body to Baby, a business that completely supports a more positive and healthy focus throughout pregnancy, birth, through into motherhood.  She is a Hypnobirthing antenatal teacher, NLP practitioner, pre and postnatal yoga teacher; who has had further education in Diastasis Recti (tummy separation after birth). Katy’s years of experience in these areas has helped her to know exactly what support women need to safely build strength and stability back into their bodies after having baby/babies, as well as finding that calmness in the busyness of life through beautiful guided relaxations she has created herself.

Gemma is a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist based in Burbage. She has years of experience in treating ladies during pregnancy and post-natally. She does Mummy MOTs locally, which a specialist examination for women following vaginal or caesarean deliveries to assess the pelvic floor and stomach muscles and then provides specific guidance on resolving any issues. Gemma is also the creator of the Pelvic Floor Restore Programme which a 12 week fully supported programme designed to resolve pelvic floor weakness and get you back to exercise, symptom free. She also teaches physio-led Pilates in Hinckley and has done for over 10 years.

Plan for the afternoon:

1-2:15pm - PILATES CLASS
It’s time to focus on your pelvic floor health and recovery with a beautiful pilates class led by Gemma, with some amazing gems of expert advice for you take away with you. 
2:15-2:45pm - SMOOTHIE TIME
Let’s take a break and enjoy some healthy refreshing smoothies as well as a talk about healthy foods to support Mummy Wellness – by Gemma 
2:45-4pm - YOGA CLASS
A wonderful yoga class led by Katy which is completely focused on building your core strength as well as checking for any tummy separation, getting some advice on how to continue this at home. 
What better way to finish our Mummy Wellness workshop, than to spend 30 minutes deeply relaxing with a beautiful guided meditation with Katy

The Mummy Wellness workshop is just £47 per person.  

You will also get to take home with you a free booklet with loads of our expert advice and factual information, as well as guided Pilates and Yoga sequences so you can practice at home. It will also include further support you can get locally to help you continue on your journey to get yourself back to your active, energetic self!! 

Due to the nature of the workshop it is not suitable to have babies present, however we understand that some of you may be breastfeeding, therefore you are welcome to use the seating area to express as needed. Or if you’re partner is nearby, they could bring the baby in to breastfeed, as required.

There’s a limited number of spaces, so get yourself booked on!

For more information, please feel free to contact Gemma on 07793076911 or Katy on 07779030227

We look forward to seeing you on the 27th July!
Katy & Gemma

Before you book your place on the workshop, please could you fill out the Mummy Wellness Workshop Health Questionnaire.

Thank you.