Hi I'm Katy

Congratulations and welcome to Body to Baby. From Hypnobirthing courses to Pregnancy and Mother and Baby Yoga, you'll find all the support you need to prepare for a positive birth and welcoming your new baby to the world.


Hello, I'm Katy and I am the founder of Body to Baby.  I am a fully qualified
hypnobirthing antenatal teacher, a pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher
and an NLP practitioner.

My passion is to positively support as many couples, pregnant Mummies to be and new Mummies on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Our aim at Body to Baby is to prepare you for a positive birth, empowering you with confidence, inner strength, belief in yourself and to trust in your amazing
body. Then to support you postnatally by building strength & stability back into your body and creating a calmer and more confident mindset.

It is such a huge privilege to be part of your journey; to bring to you a different approach to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. By empowering you with
knowledge, information and techniques, you can truly learn to trust your choices, your body and your baby.


What We Offer At Body To Baby


Hypnobirthing Courses

For a calm and positive birth…

How amazing would it be if we could support you to have a more calmer and positive birth experience? Amazing, Yes!

That’s exactly what we do! Our Hypnobirthing courses help couples to create a positive, confident and informed mindset. We have taught 100’s of couples and every single person rated
Body to Baby’s Hypnobirthing Antenatal courses as EXCELLENT!

With the knowledge and hypnobirthing techniques we teach, you and your birth partner will feel informed and educated which will enable you to take control of your birthing experience with a
more confident and calmer mindset. Our group courses also mean you will meet other like minded couples where you can support each other every step of the way.

Pregnancy Yoga

Looking after you and baby during pregnancy…

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga during pregnancy, not just physically but mentally too. Yoga is all about connecting the mind and body - perfect!

Pregnancy yoga classes with Body to Baby can help to relieve tension at every stage of your pregnancy, recharge energy levels, maintain strength and posture and thus provide an overall sense of wellbeing.

We always finish every class with 15 minutes of wonderful deep relaxations supporting a calmer mindset and a deeper connection with your baby bump.

Our Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga practices work in harmony with each other to prepare both the body and mind to have the best birth for you.

Mother & Baby Yoga

Looking after your post-natal body & Mind…

Wow! Well done you. You have done an incredible job of growing and giving birth to your beautiful baby and now it's time to recover and gently begin to re-set your body.

Our mother and baby yoga classes are a great way to help your body safely recover and build back its strength and stability, to take time to bond with your baby and meet other new mums. The classes aim to gently stretch the body to offer relief from tired and stiff muscles, whilst introducing core stability work for the abdominals (I also check for any core separation and its strength) and building strength back in the pelvic floor.

I love meeting new Mums and their beautiful babies - and hey, don't worry about your baby crying, nappy changes or feeding, its all part of the class! We're in this together so come along,
meet other new Mums and do something positive for you and your baby.

Relaxation Classes

Pregnancy relaxation, Mummy meditation & more…

For pregnancy – these relaxation workshops support you to take time to rest your mind and body, through guided meditation and hypnobirthing relaxations, to connect with your precious baby bump
and learn some techniques to help support you during your pregnancy, birth and beyond. This workshop aims to get every pregnant mummy, totally relaxed, completely calm, happy and content.

Mummy meditation - This relaxation workshop is especially for all you busy mums out there, to take
time out and totally relax as meditation is a tool for coping with the daily challenges of being a parent. The benefits of relaxation meditation can touch many areas of your life, helping you decrease stress
and anxiety, better manage your emotions, let go of mental distractions, and be more present and attentive with your kids. The perfect antidote for today’s multi-tasking mummies….it always leaves
you totally calm and relaxed.



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