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Hypnobirthing practitioner,pre & Postnatal Yoga teacher

From bump to baby... with you every step of the way.


Hello, I'm Katy.  I am a qualified hypnobirthing, pregnancy and post natal yoga practitioner and the founder of Body to Baby.

Body to Baby is here to support your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. My job is to prepare you for a positive birth, empowering you with confidence, belief and trust that your body knows exactly what to do when its time to welcome your baby to the world.

My Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga practices work in harmony with each other to prepare both the body and mind to have the best birth for you... but it doesn't end there; my mother and baby yoga classes are a great way to help your body recover, bond with your baby and meet  other new mums.

None of us know what our individual birthing experience is going to be.
My mission is to help you and your partner prepare calmly and positively by being informed and educated.

With the knowledge and hypnobirthing techniques I teach, you can take control of your birthing experience and allow your body to do what nature intended.








From pregnancy yoga to a private, bespoke hypnobirth course and now mummy and baby yoga Katy has been such a wonderful part of our pregnancy and birth journey. She gave my husband and I the tools to have a calm and relaxed birth experience and really helped me to unwind every Friday evening at yoga. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and support katy! X

/  Charlotte /


"I've been to pregnancy yoga for many weeks now and it is my one 'non-negotiable' of the week - I don't like to miss it for anything! A fab mixture of exercise, great info from Katy, lovely company & chat with others!
I'm sad (but hoping) I only have a couple of weeks left.

/  Louise  /


Qualifications & Accreditations

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Registered Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Teacher Training programmes is amongst one of the most highly regarded training programmes available and is accredited by the royal college of midwives.


Sally Parkes Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

This certified course covers Pregnancy, Post-natal and Mother and Baby Yoga and is grounded in sound anatomy and physiology as well as in the teachings of yoga. The course is grounded in delivering knowledge and expertise to deliver safe, effective and uplifting classes and is  achieved via a combination of appropriate anatomy, physiology, asana, pranayama, mudra and relaxation, whilst the Shakti (female) energetics that resides in all women and allows such an amazing event: (conception, pregnancy and birth) to occur is honoured. Yoga and methods developed from Pilates and gentle exercise rehabilitation, to assist post-natal recovery is also discussed, taught and practiced.



Body to Baby's Hypnobirthing courses are accredited by FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal educators).


This is a national quality assurance process, under which services and operations of education providers and programs are evaluated by the FEDANT Education Committee, to determine if applicable national standards are met. If the standards are met, accredited status is granted. 


Training programs are mapped against FEDANT Approved National Standards and the competencies used by the Government Sector Skills Council – Skills for Health in National Occupations Standards.


FEDANT is a regulatory body established in accordance with government white paper ‘Trust and Assurance, Regulation in the 21st Century’, the Federation is a profession regulator for those operating in the field of Antenatal Education outside of the provision by statute. This means that we administer the profession standards Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Doula Birth Companions, are required to meet in their working lives. Registrants adhere to a Code of Ethics and Practice which governs how they work and behave.” (